Saturday, June 18, 2011

JUNE 2011 Options Expiration Results

The bottom line number is nothing to write home about, I only made $651. Try living on that. Though I would love to have some sort of consistency and make my desired monthly goal each month, the truth is that's not a reality and I've come to live with it. Although I've never been able to live anxiety free with regards to my trading, or anything close to that, I have at least accepted that over the long run I will continue to be a profitable trader. The only questions that remain for me are how profitable, and even smoothed out over time, is it enough to actually make a living? Only time will tell. I will continue to try and keep my head on straight short-term and do more serious evaluation after one year. I need to find a happy medium in order to try and actually enjoy this experience. 

Looking a bit further inside the numbers this month I actually derived $2300 of trading profits within the June options cycle. I came in to the month with some large mark-to-market losses and I converted $1650 of those in to realized losses (RMBS trade). The truth is the accounting entry last month of -$4675 is misleading, that was just the realized losses. So considering I was coming off a really bad May options cycle where I got my ass kicked financially and psychologically, I'm actually really happy to have cleared some profits and got myself back in the game. I need to average somewhere in the area of $2500 a month over the long term to break even.  I basically took two weeks off and licked my wounds, I was in need of psychological repair and thankfully it came quickly. The amount of money I lost last month wasn't a game changer, but it was the amount I lost in such a short period of time that for some reason shook me. 

I broke down the trades again this month with color-coding and categories so I can track myself more easily over the long run. It's basically consistent with the last six months, sold a little bit of equity and futures time premium, and made some directional futures trades in ES and ZB. Below are my updated financials. As long as the average monthly profit continues to go up and to the right over the long run then I'm headed towards my ultimate goal, I'll post more on that soon.


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