Monday, November 7, 2011

MOS Weekly PUT 55

New position just initiated near end of day Monday. Sold the weekly MOS 55 put for $0.21. The motivation and theory behind this trade is essentially the same as the POT naked put from last week. MOS is a stock I have owned before and am comfortable buying at 55 if I am assigned. Did 5 contracts so it's just a small gain if it works out, but odds are favorable showing only 13.6% probability of my being assigned at the moment.


  1. Update:
    Sold 5 more of the weekly 55 Put today for $0.40. This was trading for $0.07 yesterday. Position is currently showing a loss of $91.

  2. Update:
    Two hours till close but safe to say this trade is finished, the short puts will expire worthless for maximum gain.

  3. End of Trade: MOS closed at $57.58. Pretty wild ride on this 5 day trade - this option started at 21 cents, down to 7 cents after 1 day, up over 60 cents after two days, and down to 0 at the end. In the end it was good for $288 after commissions.