Saturday, January 28, 2012



  1. Look at you going prime-time! I've never called in because he's always answered any questions via email.

  2. It was very helpful. Their suggestions seem so obvious to me now, but prior to talking with them those strategies never entered my mind. I would have just watched the trade and probably done nothing as long as AAPL didn't approach my short strike. Now I know how to handle this trade, as well as numerous other similar situations.

  3. Made an adjustment to my position today following the advice I was given.
    Sold Feb 465/470 call spread for $1.38 credit
    Then I rolled my 435 put down to 430 for a $0.43 debit. Since I am long the 420 put this reduces my downside risk from 15 points to 10 points.

  4. Obviously selling the call spread turned out to be a mistake, and a $3.62 loser. Can't fault the advice or the trade though, most of the time it would have worked out, I just got run over by the AAPL bull.

  5. I was short the 445/450 FEB call spread on a 2-lot, lost $690. I'm currently short a MAR 485/490 5-lot but don't remember the credit, somewhere around $1.85.

  6. Overall AAPL has been a loser for me though I trimmed the losses a little bit by selling Feb call spreads at 520/525 and put spreads at 455/460 that expired worthless.

    I have a bunch of AAPL positions for March. If we get a down move in AAPL I'll probably sell some put spreads and puts to condorize/strangle everything.

    Short Mar 470/475 call spread
    Short Mar 540/545 call spread
    Short Mar 530 calls
    Short Mar 450/545 strangle
    Short Feb4 weekly 460/540 strangle