Monday, November 12, 2012

Options on ZB

Jason, I am finally able to trade options on futures on my TD/tos platform. I did so today, but don't quite understand it and wondering if you can clarify. I sold 2 ZB Dec 149 puts for '13. I figured I should receive 2 x 13 x $31.25 =  $812.50, but when I cue the duplicate  trade up on the platform it says credit received is exactly half, $406.50. For 1 contract it says credit received $200.13, again half of what I would come up with. Do you know what my mistake is?

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  1. I just figured it out, they are quoting the options in 64ths and the bonds in 32's. ' for bonds, " for the options. Actually I vaguely remember having this discussion with you about a year ago.