Saturday, May 4, 2013

JNJ: Oops I did it again...18th Consecutive Week Up

I am short and it is not working. But while I am a little frustrated, I am at the same time amazed with this run to the upside. The new high for the week was put in just shy of $86 at $85.99. May 1st was a day of hope for the bears where JNJ traded a buck lower, we all thought it was day 1 of decent trade lower (but it was just a head fake). I continue to be long the May '13 $85 puts and it now seems like we are going for a hail mary on this one given its resilience to the upside (probabilities say it only has a 17% chance of hitting $82.50). But then again, what do the probabilities say about this thing finishing higher for a 19th consecutive week in a row?

But after getting short this name starting on 4/8 at the time when it was only up 14 consecutive weeks in a row, I am committed to the trade. Eventually this thing will crack. I would love to see some profit taking in this name for a move $5 lower, that would be ideal :)

Other than hoping for that down move between now and May expiration I continue to sell some premium against my long puts with the weekly's to try to mitigate the time decay as much as possible.

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1 comment:

  1. Could today finally be day 1 with JNJ down over $1??? We will have to see what tomorrow brings.