Sunday, January 16, 2011

ZB Short Calls Close Out

This is a late post as I was out of town and didn't have Internet access when the trade was closed out. On Wednesday 1/12/11 I closed my short JAN 123 ZB Calls for '080 each. Entry points were 1'140 and 0'510, cost average of 1'010, profit is $1758. I closed these out for a combination of reasons. The first is I locked in 89% of the profit with 10 days left until expiration so the remaining risk (unlimited) wasn't worth the potential remaining reward ($250). The second is that if I've been right about this being in a consolidation range as I previously posted here, then it makes more sense to short the underlying rather than wait for these calls to completely expire. The gains I locked in today took 13 and 24 days respectively to accrue on the two short Calls. Had I shorted the underlying contract instead, those gains could have been had in hours as my timing on both turned out to be right.

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