Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zena brew (cont.)


  1. This trade went from perfect to not so great, but at least I am glad I rolled from the Sep 19 Puts to 18 just before close yesterday. Bought back the short Sep 20 calls for a nickel so that is a nice winner, will just wait till tomorrow to see what to do with the short 18 weekly puts.

  2. Trade Update:
    HPQ is a pig so forced to make some adjustments. Rolled the weekly 18 puts to monthly Sep. 17 puts for $0.07 credit, then sold Sep. 18 calls for $0.41 against all the short puts. Position is now:

    -50 HPW Sep 18 Call
    -20 HPW Sep 18 Put
    -30 HPW Sep 17 Put

  3. HPQ continues to be a pig so sold 10 more of the 18 Calls for $0.20.

  4. Few adjustments made this week. On 9/11 bought in the Sep 17 puts for $0.13, and the Sep 18 puts for $0.48.
    On 9/12 sold out the Sep 18 puts for $0.33.

    Position going in to expiration week is now short the straddle:

    -60 HPQ Sep 18 Call
    -60 HPQ Sep 18 Put