Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Update


  1. Updates:
    Closed out USO for $1.04 credit - winner
    Closed NFLX strangle for $3.20 debit - winner
    Rolled short EEM Sep 40 put to 42 put for $0.29 credit
    New Position - Sold FDX Sep 90 calls for $0.80

  2. Updates:
    Closed FDX 90 calls for $0.08 debit - winner
    Closed HPQ 19 Puts for $0.12 debit

  3. New Positions started today:

    Long VIX Oct. 14/17 Call Spread for $1.29 debit
    Short BBBY Sep 60/75 Strangle for $0.56 credit

  4. Closed BBBY 60 Put for $0.06, will let call expire worthless tomorrow.
    Closed HPQ 18 Calls for $0.08. That trade is finally over for a nice gain.
    Rolled GRPN and ZNGA Calls to Oct.

  5. New Position:
    Sold KBH Sep 15 Calls yesterday, way out of the money for what I thought would be an easy $0.15 overnight. Stock made a huge 16% move today and I let the position go, so will be short shares of KBH at 15 on Monday. Was really pissed off about this so sold the Oct 16 Calls for $0.32, which then went as high as $0.74 and closed at $0.59.

  6. Updates:
    On Monday closed out the short KBH shares at $14.97. then sold the 13 Put to establish the short Oct 13/16 Strangle.

    Closed out the Vix call spread today for a decent gain.

  7. New Positions:
    AAPL Oct IC 640/645/700/705 for $2.35 credit
    GLD Oct. 175/177 Call spread for $0.59 credit

  8. I changed the settings on the blog to make it more difficult for people to leave message spam.

  9. I wasn't even aware of any spam on the blog. Actually I wasn't even sure if anyone besides me was still on this blog - good to hear from you again, hope your trading is going well. I will be doing an update shortly now that Oct. expiry is over.