Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Day, Another 52 Week High

I honestly wish I had more to share, but with volatility so low and markets at their highs I just don't see a lot of opportunity. And like I have been saying for the past 6 weeks or so, I continue to believe that the markets have a general theme of moving higher for 2013. Which to me means that volatility will remain at the low end of its range. Today we made yet another 52 week high at $156.10:

With that thesis in tact I continue to prefer to hold my high yield covered called positions and collect the dividend and premium as I wait for opportunity to come back into the market by way of increased volatility. This is true for my IRA account. As far as my trade account is concerned the only position I have on is the short VXX with a short put on (covered put).

Lastly I continue to believe that we are destined to take out the all time high set back in 2007 at $157.52:

Good Luck Trading!

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