Monday, April 22, 2013

Trading Options on /ES for the first time

So Jason and I have talked about trading /ES for so long...and one of the big benefits that I have thought ever since he started trading /ES is the extra trading time that comes with trading futures contracts. For those of you that don't know, the futures markets only shut down for 45 min/day during the week and is closed on Friday through Sunday evening before it opens back up. There are a few times when I see markets trade on a Sunday afternoon that I would like to put some kind of position on going into the open on Monday. Well I finally executed a trade in options on /ES.

It feels like the steam has been lost to the upside in the /ES for sometime and I have a short to neutral bias. So with the /ES up 8-9 points last night (at high) I decided to sell a call for almost 32 points (was ATM option). I am looking to make about 4-5 points on this option. But I sold it with the mindset that I would be okay being short at my breakeven price which puts us at the highs for the markets around 1590. Otherwise I am happy to make the 4-5 points. So I really look at this as two possible positions:

1) A scalp for a nice overnight trade or a swing trade.
2) A nice short entry at all time highs...would rather be a seller than a buyer at these levels.

I do have to admit however that I was apprehensive to execute my trade last night, not because I was not comfortable with my trade idea, but because it was the first time I have traded this product. With that said I did not sell the top, we were up only about 6 points when I executed my trade.

I have a limit order in to make about 4 points on this short call in TOS and will let that work this morning. A few more points lower on the /ES and it will get filled. It feels likely that it will get filled this morning based on how its trading (down 3 points as I write).

The only caveat that I would give to traders venturing into a new product is to make sure you understand the product and what price movement means to your P&L. I had to refresh my memory that each point in the /ES is +/-$50.

Good Luck Trading!

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