Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who buys at all time highs???

As I write this post this morning the markets are back within arms length to ALL TIME HIGHS! I really don't know how you can buy all time highs. If history tells us anything, buying all time highs whether in the stock market or in the housing market or any other market for that matter is a losing trade. But we have to remember that the markets can stay irrational for longer than expected. If you don't get too big for your pants, you can weather the storm.

In continue to be a difficult environment to sell option premium given the super low volatility environment. 

Positions: Short /ES, Short JNJ, Short GME, Long CLF, Long NLY,

Markets at all time highs are not great on my portfolio but I do have 2 pieces of saving grace:

1) I have positive theta

2) I am long CLF and that is offsetting negative P&L as we move higher.

Good Luck Trading!

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