Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8% Corrective Move On /ES, Whats Next?

We have had a very nice corrective move on the /ES the past few sessions. And since topping out at 1,685 (the all time high), we have traded off about 130 handles or about 8%. The question is whether the move is over or will we see lower prices?

I continue to be short the /ES (net delta position) as I believe we could see a bit more downside until we see 1,530 on the /ES and then that will likely be followed by some consolidation through the rest of the summer. In the above chart you can see the profitability range I have highlighted in grey based on my aggregated position in the /ES. To date I have collected about 100 /ES points in premium over 52 contracts traded. Although I have collected 100 points my max gain is only 70 points or $3,500 on this aggregated position with 66 days left to expiration.

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