Thursday, June 13, 2013


It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. If you look through the feed you will likely notice that my last post was on May 23rd. I really can't believe that it has been almost three weeks. Never fear I am alive and well and have continued to trade the markets. But over the last few weeks I have been pretty busy with work in both my day job and in my side pursuits. More recently I have been teaching myself programming skills. Before we break off into market analysis I will leave you with this quote I live by from Jim Rohn: "A formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune".

My last post was the first of what would be the first corrective move to the downside after hitting all time highs at around 1,685 on the /ES.

Chart from May 23rd

And 3 weeks later...

Looking at the chart above you can see that the markets pulled back about 90 points and have found support around 1,597 on the /ES. During this time we finally got a pull back and a awesome move lower in JNJ:

Remember JNJ had an incredible run of 19 strait weeks to the upside without a single down move. Although the above chart is not a weekly chart, you can see that JNJ topped out a penny shy of $90 and hit a low at around $82.50 11 days later. Only to remind us that there is cycality in the market...meaning that the market goes up AND it also goes down.

As public as I have made it, it is no secret that I have been net short the market place. But over the recent pull back I have been selling puts in NLY which finally showed some life today. I am short 20 put contracts that have an equivalent delta of about 30 SPY. If you look back in the archive you will see numerous posts about my fascination of NLY for its juicy dividend. I made really good money until exiting the trade in March and have been since been patient to build up a healthy position again. My effective long price puts me long the stock around $13.30/share. The current yield at this price is around 13.5%. There is ton's of chatter about rising interest rates and reform to fannie mae and freddie mac....I don't care!

I have continued to play in and out of VXX as a compliment to my short position in the /ES. I have mostly been short puts to get long volatility since my position in /ES is short premium which by its very nature is short premium. So although intrinsically I am up a little money...the expansion in volatility that has happened over the past few weeks doesn't show me up as much as I would be at expiration. But that is fine with me, I am currently getting paid $33/day in theta in my aggregated position. My profit range on this position is 1,537 to 1,645. I think the recent high at 1,685 has given us something to trade against to the upside.

Getting back to VXX...with a pop volatility I covered the latest short puts I had and turned around and sold out the Aug '13 $21/strangle for $5.15.

Good Luck Trading!

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