Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Post Editor

So I have updated our blog with the new post editor. It makes uploading pictures and placing them in the blog a littler easier. In the old editor would upload your pictures and they would default to the top. With multiple pictures it was difficult to move the pictures to the exact spot in the post that you wanted it. Know you can upload your pictures at once and they remain in the image window and you can insert them to the exact location that you want them. For more information on this web address below.


  1. Also I found a cool screen selector tool that allows you to grab a screen shot of a particular area on your screen. This way you do not have to edit it after you take the screen shot. If you are interested you can download it here:

  2. You will also notice that I am in the proccess of changing the look of the blog. I am making it a little more professional looking. I would also like to implement a standard for applying labels to each new post. I will go through each post and try to apply a label to the existing posts.

    I am preparing it for the possibility of opening it up for outside viewers.