Monday, February 1, 2010

Trade Summary (additions)

I have added a section for profit by strategy (Right) as well as a tracker for hedges (Bottom Left) that I add on after I had already put on my initial position.


  1. Really love the sheet. I have a suggestion for the strategy section. I would add a quantity column for that as well. Otherwise you could draw some irrational conclusions, like you suck at selling iron condors so therefore stay away from them. I know that's probably only two trades right now but for your own purposes down the road, the combination of dollars and percentages is what I would use to judge success.

    I was giving some thought to this yesterday as I wanted to break mine down by strategy as well. But then I got to thinking, I now just sell naked puts rather than ITM calls, but they are essentially the same thing. So those two in particular really can't be separated out. I think if you are versed in each strategy, then over the long run there shouldn't be a dispartiy worth noting. The key here is what metric are you going to use to decide to either continue or not continue using a certain strategy.

    Also, on the rows for calls and puts, is this a combination of longs and shorts? or are you going to have four separate rows for long calls, short calls, long puts, short puts?

  2. Second that. Great report. I'll dissect tonight. ThanX for sharing.