Friday, May 21, 2010

April 2010 OPEX Results

I never posted April OPEX results because I just didn't make the time and update my spreadsheet. The truth is I had a few plays and I knew it was roughly a break even month so I wasn't concerned with it. This is a working spreadsheet model that I'm trying to refine and keep simple. I'm still in the process of rebuilding all my past trades going back to July 2008 when I first started trading anything other than a covered call. In addition to keeping stats like winning/losing % and average gain/loss, I also want to keep track of how much commissions I'm paying versus the net profit, and try and find a return on risk measurement that makes sense. Right now I'm still only deploying a little bit of capital until I define my overall portfolio strategy in terms of position sizing, once that is established I need to keep track of monthly and total portfolio return or return on value at risk. I might have to keep two numbers, one being the actual return on risk for the month, and then keep track of how much risk I'm actually taken as a percentage of available capital. I don't know, still a lot of questions right now. My ultimate goal is to have more winners than losers, and have the average win larger than the average loss. I haven't established a real threshold yet like 60% winners or $500 average win, etc. Maybe in time I refine those goals. Right now I'm keeping things simple as I find my way in to an overall long-term strategy.

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