Monday, May 10, 2010

New positions from Friday closed for 50% gains

I did not have time to post about the new put sales I made to take advantage of the huge increase in volatility, but I sold 1 put in each of the following names: GE, F, TSL, and MDR. Since Friday the VIX has gone from above 40 to around 27. So the volatility crush that I was expecting and trying to exploit came this morning as I was able to buy back all of the puts I sold at 50% or greater of the premium I collected.

To me this sale was just a no brainier and I did not fill compelled to do any fancy chart work and analysis. I knew the bet I wanted to make and just had to find the names I wanted to make it in. It obviously could had gone the other way and still can but I was able to exploit a volatility spike as I set out to do.

All in all it was only a gain of about $170.

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  1. Well congrats, you took the risk on Friday. I wanted the weekend to look at trade opportunities and they evaporated last night with the ECB news. I had posted over the weekend about possibly selling VIX call spreads or calendars on selected stocks, but with the VIX crush this morning those plays are off.