Friday, May 21, 2010

May 2010 OPEX Results

Sitting down today to update my results for May was a mental positive to the upside. Once again my memory was only as good as my most recent trades. I was fixated on the quick loss I took on the ES trade, especially since right after being stopped out for a loss it hit my downside target. For the last week I've just been thinking about how I lost -$275 instead of making $1000. So reviewing the scoreboard every now and then and looking at the overall is helpful. I wouldn't say I forgot about the other trades, but I was surprised to see that some of them were only 18 calendar days ago. They truly feel much older as hours feel like days when you've got a losing position on the books sometimes. For the last week or so I had a mental tally going and all it contained was the GOOG naked call and a few small trades that were basically a wash. I thought I was under $1000 for the month but it was higher. I think this is because I had a MTM gain on (MO) for a while that I had mentally already been considering a gain as it was deep ITM and just waiting to get exercised. 

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