Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SPY Position update

Here is an updated risk profile/profit graph of what I have left of the SPY position that I started building and trading around 2 weeks ago.

So I am nicely positioned for this sell off and what I think will be a continued sell-off. We breached the all important 1040 level on the S&P 500. I have a target of 100 for the next stop lower. At expiration this is where I make my maximum profit of $2,000 unless we really sell off hard then I make that or more below $94. But I don't see that happening before July Expiration. I think that 100 is a reasonable target, and if I think it will take 2 weeks it will probably happen this week as the down moves just always seem to happen much faster than I anticipate.

This is basically all I have left on.

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