Monday, October 25, 2010

What my positions look like going into products OPEX

When I talk about OPEX, I am talking about option expiration for the RBOB and HO products option expiration cycle. It is a bit different then equities which happens the 3rd Saturday of every month (last day to trade is the Friday before). For RBOB and HO opex falls two days prior to the expiration of the futures contract, as is the case for Crude Oil. But note however that Crude has diferrent expirations than that of RBOB and HO.

So with that said lets take a look at what I am holding onto going into OPEX tomorrow. Below you will see all my current holdings that are exposed to the NOV opex cylce. I have ran through 2 of the most likely scenario's for tomorrow and what that means in terms of P&L for me.

So for NOV my P&L will fall somewhere between + $6,510 to - $14,490, or about a $20k range. My money spot is right at 2.22.

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