Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Seperate Accounts

Ok. So I now have two seperate accounts in IB. One is for my investments and one is for my trades. I will continue to track it all on the same sheet. But I will add something that distingueshes them, not exactly how I will present it yet but I will keep you all posted.

With that said a while back I had sold some puts in ANH and NLY in an attempt to get long the stock. In my investment account I have sold 5 May '10 7.50 puts @ $0.60 putting my basis at 6.90 with the stock currently trading at 7.12 and earnings coming up this week. I also sold 2 May '10 17 puts @ 0.28 on NLY putting my basis at 16.72 with the current stock price at 17. They also report this week.

Let me also note that my trading account has $6k of capital and the investment account has $10k. In the investment side I will mostly just sell puts and write covered calls and look to collect dividends.

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  1. What did you have to do to set this up? As you know I was considering this in the past, I think I'm going to wait until I finish an overall portfolio strategy before I set up a second account.