Friday, April 30, 2010


I have spent most of the week just watching the market and going through my long watch list of stocks. Throughout the week have been able to take my long watch list with about 50 names and narrow it down to about 16 names which I am interested in. I will be looking at these select few of stocks this weekend in more detail and put some trade ideas together. Below is a copy of my 2nd pass watch list:

I will post any ideas that I come up this weekend.


  1. On a side note I am stopped out of my DRY's position. I am now putting DRY's on my "Do Not Trade List". It is the first stock to start the list. I have had more than 3-4 attempts to play this one and mostly because I thought it was cheap. Cheap stocks only get cheaper.

  2. Wow, a banished list. I've got a few of those. Mostly they are out of business so I don't really have to worry about trading them ever again.