Friday, April 30, 2010

Monthly Options Education Goals

In addition to posting trading results each month at OPEX, I'm also going to start listing my options education goals for the month but I'll do this with calendar months on the 1st each month. I'll also update my progress for the previous month. So on Saturday I'll post my first goal list for May. I made a preliminary list and its pretty daunting. I've got so many known areas of things I need to learn and undoubtedly new ones will present themselves. In the past I've struggled with trying to do too many things at once at the expense of all of them getting done inefficiently. So I then tried to step back and concentrate on just one thing (life CFA study) and hope to knock things off the list more efficiently, that didn't work either. So hopefully I can find that right mix. I don't have any time restraints so there isn't an excuse. I will continue to make the same type of small trades that I'm comfortable with and see how the learning curve goes on new material and how I incorporate that in to future trades.

My short-term goals are to just continue doing what I'm doing and learn, long-term I would like to find an ideal portfolio strategy that incorporates my style/level of risk appetite, capital levels, and income goals. I would ideally like to find a job so I can let trading profits grow with the eventual goal to have enough capital and trading results to prove to myself that I can comfortably manage my own capital for a living. I have no idea when that might be so it's foolish to put a time frame goal on that. I'll just keep working towards it and I'll know when I'm there.


  1. It is kind of un real to think about how we got to where we are today. To me, life and the direction it takes is a sum product of all the decisions we make. Each one has a profound impact in the direction life will take us.

    I think back to when I first met your brother Jeff and for some reason decided to tell him about my trading which led to our eventual meeting. If you think about it, if I would had kept that to myself we would had never met and this blog would have never formed and to be honest I do not think either of us would have learned as much as we have in the past year with out that conversation taking place. This blog and collaborative relationship that we have formed has been monumental in many aspects of my trading development and personal life.

    Anyways, just thought I would share.


  2. Hey I feel the same way, I mentioned in the past that I'm not so sure our meeting was just chance, felt more like serendipity. I was there that day to meet Pat because Jeff suggested I ask him about his past because I think he had some trading experience, and he supposedly knew some people Jeff thought I might want to meet, etc. Nothing became of that but had I not gone I wouldn't have met you.

    I know I've already commented that you kind of re-energized my desire to trade and absolutely definitely took things to a new level for me. I doubt I was going to break out of the covered call mentality I was in. It took a younger kid with balls and desire to show me that I was really being lax and too conservative. I'm extremely happy with where I'm at and where we're both headed. I'm looking forward to getting this option traders meeting going. If we can add some more people's experience and wisdom to what we've been doing I think we'd both be really happy. We'll find them, they're out there.