Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My New Dashboard

Over the past few weeks I have been developing some tools to aid me in my trading...and one of the things that I have created is a dashboard for both the physical side and the futures side of the business I operate in. I have linked up all of th futures stuff to my TOS platform, so that everything futures related is in realtime as well as my make shift P&L section (as without this I have to ask the broker exactly how I am doing). On the wet or physical side the Diff's are current as we garner the intel from the brokers as to where the market is training and the rest of the numbers are based on a day lag of data.

In addition to this screen I use my TOS platform for my charting and to keep an eye on equities, dollar, Euro, and Corn.

Over the coming weeks I plan to work on another dashboard that will have a multitude of factors that will either indicate bullish or bearish, and then based on these factors I will come up with some type of scoring to see where we are on the spectrum (Bearish----Nuetral-----Bullish). I will share once I have what I am shooting for.


  1. can you please show me how u do it?

  2. Are you asking how to link to TOS to pull in real time quotes into excel?