Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank you Kim Jong IL

I was already short 30-year Treasuries but yesterday's Korea news opened up an opportunity to add to the position. My feeling was this, six months ago if you had told me that North Korea would engage in an attack on South Korea and people died, I would have guessed the markets would be down huge and fall from there. When we only opened down 150 Dow points and didn't sell off any further I didn't sense any real panic. Bonds however did show some panic and shot higher. With the combination of this news and some technicals I decided to add to my shorts in both the DEC and MAR contracts. This morning apparently a good jobs number trumps international conflict and the markets rebound and thus bonds sold off. I exited my shorts for a nice three day gain of roughly $3400. I am still short (1) MAR11 ZB 130 Call but will look to short MAR11 ZB futures again should the opportunity arise.

1 comment:

  1. Way to have the balls to capitalize on panic. The longer I have traded the more I realize that you have to be willing to short on the up days and get long on the down days...assuming it is in line with your general trade plan.