Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whats the total portfolio look like?

First let me start by saying that I added some more short exposure on today's up day. I just don't buy it. Although yesterday I was out trying to hedge some of my exposure, I just think I need to be positioned short. So I added the following positions:

1) Short 5 Jan CL 86 calls @ $3.09
2) Short 5 Dec HO 2.39 Calls @ 288 pts or $0.0288/gallon

And then I added to my delta neutral CL Dec/Jan spread. I added 20 more lots for a total of 25 lots at an average price of around +66.

So lets take a look at the total portfolio and what I have in terms of Delta exposure:

I created the above spreadsheet in order to keep track of my positions as well as my P&L. Today I added a section to keep track of my Delta exposure in terms of contracts of the underlying. As you can see from the table above the total portfolio is short the equivilent of 3.66 CL contracts, 3.7 HO contracts, and long 2.5 RBOB contracts. In the 3rd colunm you can see what a 1ct move in any product means to my in terms of P&L exposure, I am net bearishly slanted.

In the coming week I am planning to also add a column for my theta exposure as I like to be a net premium seller. The only other thing that I would point out is the table on the bottom right corner, which represents all of the open orders that I have either to close or add to current positions.

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