Thursday, July 23, 2009

SMB Capital and T3 Capital Join forces

Today Marc Sperling of T3 capital spoke and answered questions for all of the new SMB traders. Today they officially announced that they would be trading on the same floor, it would only be natural for them to share their tools. Marc Sperling consitently makes 7 figures a year. He makes at least 200-300k a month, and he rarely has a down month. I think that this announcment is going to be so benneficial to all the traders of both firms. While fundementally both firms trade with the same skill set, the traders of T3 are at a completly different level. The partners of T3 include Scott Redler a contributer of CNBC, Marc Sperling, Laz, Sean: All who put up 7 figures have been in the business just as long as Mike and Steve of SMB Capital. So this joining of forces will be great for the newer traders, but I also think it is going to help take seasoned traders to the next level.

Marc kept reiterating how important it was to do your homework on the stocks you are going to trade. He suggest doing most of your work at night instead of rushing through it in the morning. Still do research before the open but the meat should be at night. He also stresses consitency and resisting the urge to hit homeruns. He says that you can't focus to much on your numbers, because as you master your skill the numbers will come. You have to start from a solid base and continue to build from that base.

Just last year he started to through in options. When he gets really convicted on a stock he will buy the options because he can stand the pain with the options a lot better than holding the stock. This allows his more macro positions to work out. It was really nice to hear that such a succesful trader can manage trading both intraday and in the options market. His biggest bit of advice is to master one market at a time. Do not try to master it all at once.

I just wanted to share, because this official announcement has brought my level of excitement to a whole other level.


  1. Thanks Dominic for the update. I really enjoyed my trial with T3 but unfortunately the subscription fees are too much. You're right about Marc. He's hilarious to listen to on the virtual trading floor... it's like a play by play.

    Does this mean you may or will have access to T3 as a SMB trader?

  2. This has been hinted at. Because currently as an SMB trader you get access to all the services that SMB provides like : Morning Call, Intraday alerts, chat, Live Audio Feed, Proprietary filters, Chop tracker (program that analyzes your trading and gives you a bunch of statistics). These services would cost an outside subscriber about $6,000 a year. So I am speculating that they will start to create some synergies and share their proprietary tools. Either way I was planning to subscribe for their services once I go live and start making some money.

    I am not sure if I had mentioned this before. But back in January of 2008 I had joined up with a firm Tuco trading that had a joint venture going with T3. This was my first attempt at day trading. But the education was no where as in depth as it is with SMB. I think that SMB has the superior educational piece, but T3 has superior tools and more advanced traders. But anyways I had free access to all of T3's services until Tuco got in trouble with the SEC and froze its assets. Lucky since I was a remote trader technically with t3 I got my money back right away (I had to put up $5k). So I really only got to trade for a few weeks. But we went live after only 2 weeks of "traning", or what tuco called training. With SMB I really fill confident that I am going to do well when I go live and that I know what I am doing.

    So to make a long story short if I dont get access to T3 I will pay for the monthly service of T3 tv and the virtual trading floor. About $215 a month. I think it will be invaluable.

  3. Cool stuff. Ummm... I guess you're expecting to making significant money monthly to justify that expense. Thanks for the 411.

  4. My goal when I first go live is to make about $50-$100 dollars a day. So in the beggining its not that much. But I think the service is worth it.