Monday, March 8, 2010


Check out the verbiage below in bold from This is the kind of thing that irks me. They are playing all sides of the fence. There is something in there for everyone. No matter what happens they've left themselves an out to look back and say they were correct. Let me get this straight, you think the stock could stop going up, it could also go down, or it could keep going up. Between this kind of crap and the trade last week where they suggested rolling out the original position to the next month without stating that the original trade can no longer be profitable, I'm now skeptical of these guys. It feels similar to when the Jim Cramer goggles came off for me years ago. I still like looking at their trading ideas as far as possible structures for option combinations, but I keep in mind that their true motivation is in getting people to sign up for an account and get their option volume. I liken these guys to the so called professional handicappers that tell 50% of their subscribers to take the favorite minus the 7.5 points and the other half to take the underdog plus the 7.5 points. Either way they are picking up some new clients who think they are gods. By giving out some bull spreads suggestions with some bear spreads suggestions, they have used a similar tactic.

"The goal here is to raise our breakeven to the upside and our intent is to exit the call spread at breakeven or better. We believe in the near term that AAPL stock should slow or reverse its sharp rally as of late, but possibly continue."

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