Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I recently ordered two new books

1) Technical Analysis using Multiple time frames, Brian Shannon


I bought this book because I have no formal knowledge of technical analysis, just what I have read online or picked up over the last few years. I was kind of in the same camp that Jason was when I first started that technical analysis was lame and for morons. But the more experience that I have gained in the markets the more I understand its importance in the marketplace as well as the more I want to utilize it. I really like the systematic approach of technical analysis. Since I took the SMB training course my approach to the markets has become very systematic and the more systematic it becomes the less anxious I feel.

I feel like I have made more progress in my trading in the last 10 months than the sum total of the 3 or so years that I have been trying to figure this thing out. I feel like I have created a snowball effect and the knowledge and the experience just keeps compounding exponentially.

2) The Wallstrip (TM) Edge: Using Trends to Make Money -- Find Them, Ride Them, and Get Off, Howard Lindzon


He is the Co-founder and CEO of I enjoy his commentary on the markets and the interviews that he has with the suggested traders on the stocktwits premium blog list. But I also bought his book because he is located in San Diego and I saw it as an opportunity to possibly meet up with him. So I sent him an email after I purchased and he told me to hit him up once I was done with the book to meet up and discuss it. So it was well worth the $10 I paid for it online. He has a huge network of traders, so I think it will be a very fruitful contact to add to the network.

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  1. Smart idea as obviously I've used this myself. Part of the reason people author is a book is to basically say "hey, look at me." Trying to cold call somebody or sending an email trying to befriend them is so much easier if you have a talking point like saying you've read their book. It's hard for people to turn that down. I think we should both continue to network in this fashion and then share contacts or introduce each other to our contacts once the relationship is solid enough to allow for this.