Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Trade/Current Holdings

I bought an Apr (SPY) 117/113 put spread, and took the IBM straddle and RIMM double diagonal trade suggestions. Those have been the only two ideas lately that I liked. For the next few months I'm going to probably stick with my current level of activity and passively play small defined risk positions to try and bring in some income while I concentrate on CFA test prep and preparing to move to Chicago. I'm looking forward to jumping in and managing full time in June.

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  1. I also did the straddle play on IBM. The only bonehead mistake that I made is I forgot to look at the size of doing four of these vs the context of my position size limits. So I am about $500 to heavy in this position. I probably should had done 1 less to fit my position limits. But since I have it on and it was an honest mistake I will let this one go but will add this as a check before I put a position on from Make sure it is tweaked to fit my portfolio.