Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Ideas vs Following others...

So just glancing at my summary of results. I was reviewing the section where I classify my profits from the source of the idea. So far it looks like I am best just following my own ideas. Do not get me wrong IWO has been and will continue to be a great educational source. But I have come to the realization that he structures his portfolio in such a way that it only makes sense to do his trades if you do all of them. He is reallly good about keeping risk balanced. So when you pick and choose you may be picking the unlucky few that loose money. But all of his positions are in the context of the overall portfolio. I am not saying I won't take any more of his trades but I will be that much more critical. This month I found myself and my orignal ideas doing well even though I got stopped out of a few of my own trades it looks like most of my porfits for the month of March were wipped out with the IWO trades that I took. And looking further it looks like I do even worse when I take one of IWO's ideas and try to tweak it.

Just an observation.

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  1. I noticed the same thing, that the combination of his plays makes sense, but on a stand alone basis you're just gambling a bit. I have done good so far in that the net of the plays I've chosen to do has been positive, but that can also be attributed to luck. I find myself not wanting to take on too many of his ideas as then I feel like I'm just a sheep and not directing myself like I should be. But it's a great educational source and I will continue to play small on ideas that aren't my own in order to force myself to follow along and learn. Ideally I'd like to try and stay positive while enhancing my knowledge and so far that's been the case.