Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jason's Current Positions

So I added my actual IB printout as well. I would like to create a hybrid of these two. IB is easier because it has the marked-to-market numbers, and also incorporates your fees in to your cost basis. But I don't need the ticker symbols. Maybe we can export the current portfolio from IB into Excel, then add a column for "Strategy" and/or "Detail". I also like the separation of trades by colors in Excel as well because that is easier for the eye to block off multi-leg trades. So let me know how the export to Excel works.


  1. Quick question about your JPM Jan '11 12.50 puts and your MET Jan '11 7.5 puts. There is only about 280 buck of possible profit left. Why not just close those out and book the profits?

  2. Same question with respect to the XLE position.

  3. I haven't closed those out because I didn't need the extra margin availability, and I just hated to write a check for something that should be worthless. I gave up a lot of profit in the JPM call spread by closing that out early so I just felt like I was giving away some easy money. Plus, IB uses the mid point of the BxA to value the positions. It would most likely cost me more to close those out if I paid the ask.