Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Possible positions for next weeks earnings

Next weeks earnings for stocks on my watch list:

2/3/10 --> CSCO, STLD, V

CSCO - I am considering selling the July '10 $23 puts on CSCO into earnings, maybe buying some front month $23 calls

V - I am interested in buying some Feb '10 $85 calls into V earnings

STLD --> X reacted terrible to earnings. Not sure if the same fate is in store for STLD. Looking to buy the $16/$15 (Call/Put) strangle. I think it could have a decent move in either direction. I do not think it is going to be a non-event.


  1. So I decided to take on 5 call contracts for STLD @ $16 strik for $0.85.

    I also sold 5 $23 puts with July expiration on CSCO for $1.74.

    I have yet to put on any positon for V as it has run 4 points from the $80 support level that go me interested in the first place. The Contract that I was looking at has also doubled in value. So I will look to add a position on a pull back.