Friday, January 29, 2010

Summary of Trading Results (3 months)

Below are the metrics that I am tracking for my trading. This is a summary of Nov - Jan. I took a bit of a hit from that NFLX trade as you can see in the Un-realized Gain/Loss, which represents about $1200 of that loss.


  1. Well an unrealized loss is just that, not realized yet. You could still be profitable on that trade. Three weeks is a long time. I love your tracking spreadsheet. After I get my 1099's from IB I plan to update mine retrospectively and then stay up to date as we go forward. It's too early to call a trend, but you're up 3 months in a row, very cool man.

    On the idea column, how do you categorize an idea originally suggested by IWO but then altered by you? And on the "other fees" part of the monthly results, are these non contract related fees? If so, what are they from?

  2. Do you plan to use my spreadsheet? If so I will need to send you and updated version as I have made many changes since the last copy that I sent you. I hear you on the un-realized gain/loss. There is plenty of time for those positions to become profitable or for me to make more trades to maybe breakeven or make some money for the month of Febuary. I agree that 3 months is certianly not enough data to determine any kind of consistency. I am still very clueless as to what I could realisticly expect to make on a monthly basis.

    You bring of a good point that I had not really considered. I think I will add a combo that will be IWO/DD to represent a trade idea that I got from IWO but played it differently.

    Other fees are either related to data fees from IB and/or cancelation fees. Not sure if you know or not but IB is now charging everyone $10 a month regardless of trade activity. I keep track of this and add it into my average cost per contract. I do this because TOS does not charge any fees for the platform or cancelations or adding/removing liquidity. So if I ever get to the point where my average cost per contract is >= $1.25 (rate that TOS will give me) then I will move everything to TOS. But as you can see I am still saving a significant amount of money.

    Another table that I plan to add on the Summary page is profit by strategy. And in the near future I still want to incorporate a RoR like we have discussed.

  3. I think I will try and use your spreadsheet. I was not aware that IB is charging me $10. I should probably start keeping track too. I hate that they charge you to cancel an order. But I love seeing trades go through where I'm not charged anything, or only charged .35 sometimes. Are you running a monthly report on fees to come up with that number?